Gina Williams is no stranger to the national and international music scene. This award winning singer, songwriter, composer, and concert pianist has performed extensively to thousands throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas. Places include Atlanta, L.A, Grenada, and Japan.

Edgy, soulful, and dynamic are only some of the words that describe this versatile artist. "My art is simply a gift, but is not by any means simple," she states.

Her song "You Are Not Alone" from her debut CD, "In Spite of the Storm" had its first Official Music Video release October 2010. It is also the theme song for the Russian Film, "Love is the Best Medicine." Both "You Are Not Alone" and "Don't Wanna Be Here" were chosen as one of the top picks for the Province Playlist in B.C.

Gina is currently working on releasing new tracks this upcoming spring.